PCB Assembly

Along with our engineering experience, T2 Engineering is also a full Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly house, focused mainly on prototypes and small production runs. We aim to have boards assembled and delivered within two weeks (not including parts purchase) so you can start debug and test.

What can we assemble for you?

We will work together with you from start to finish to ensure that we bring your vision to life.

Getting Started

To get your project started, please refer to the table below for an estimate of our typical assembly labor costs. (Please note, these estimates do not include cost for parts, tax, coatings, testing, or complexities.)

Your Custom Quote

Every project is unique, so every project will require a custom quote to fit your specifications. By providing us with detailed information about your specific needs, we can work together to build you a quality product that works for you.

We will take everything into consideration–from the batch size of your order, to purchase of parts and pieces, to your desired production schedule and timeline–to give you the best price for the highest quality product.

For your convenience, we can provide the parts you need (at an additional cost), or you can provide us the parts and we will take it from there.

Let’s get started on your project today!


SMT or Through-Hole Components

-15 16-30 31-45 46-60
1 – 9 Boards $230 – $270 $460 – $940 $690 – $1,400 $920 – $1,880
10 – 20 Boards $270 – $700 $940 – $1,500 $1,400 – $2,300 $1,880 – $3,100
21 – 50 Boards $700 – $1,200 $1,500 – $2,900 $2,300 – $4,000 $3,100 – $6,300
  • Max board size is 15″ x 11″
  • Single-sided
  • Estimate based on small components
  • Estimate does not include cost of parts
  • Estimate does not include testing fees
  • Tax not included