Antenna Control Unit

T2 is developing a critical downlink antenna pointing control module for limited time use in a lunar environment. The architecture is based on two stepper motors each matched with two resolvers on each axis, for a total of four resolvers. The ACU will also control two heaters for the motors, capture temperature readings at the motors and on the ACU board, drive a Hold Down and Release Mechanism (HDRM), and control the position of a waveguide switch.

Lunar Positioning System Beacon

T2 developed a prototype beacon module that will allow a test environment for a lunar positioning and navigation system algorithm development.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) development kits and enclosures were developed with minimal modifications.

BOC for Message Processor

T2 Engineering experts developed a break out card (BOC) for the US Government to support the Nuclear Cross Check Analysis (NSCCA) and access the internal signals of the message processor drawer. Our engineers applied their electrical and systems engineering skills to save the government time and money by producing a quality design with a quick turn-around.

ITIPS Engineering

T2 Engineering played an integral role in testing the newly-developed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Telemetry Integrated Processing System (ITIPS). ITIPS provides real-time status during test flights of the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Telemetry, which provides the ground crew with crucial data on how the missile is behaving.


Hill Air Force Base currently uses the A-10 Warthog On-Aircraft Test System (OATS) to test weapon functionality and other aircraft systems in conjunction with software upgrades. OATS is typically used with a wingless A-10, but it can be used on any A-10. T2 Engineering contributed to the breakout box design, system design, system deployment support, 30MM cannon simulator, and custom tools used to verify wiring in the A-10. With our support, the Air Force completed OATS on time and within budget.

C-130 Embedded System

T2 Engineering played an integral role in upgrading the Ground Terrain Radar Replacement, Mission Control Computer, and systems documentation by providing critical code reviews and support in verifying functionality for the government customer. Our experience in embedded systems programming using a VxWorks operating system was heavily utilized and invaluable to this project.

F-16 Embedded System

Our T2 engineers worked on the replacement of the Electronic Fire Control Computer (EFCC) with the Commercial Fire Control Computer (CFCC). We were responsible for the migration of the Software Capability Upgrade (SCU) 7 to the new hardware and developed additional software to control the weapon-launching function and traffic utilization.

Custom Software tools

  • At T2 Engineering, we are especially proficient at writing custom software to meet customers’ needs. Our software experience ranges from Hardware Descriptive Languages (HDL) to run-time compiled software, such as JAVA. Our expertise with software can be used to create tools to fit any of your needs.
  • VB Macros

    We also have a wealth of experience creating custom-made VB Macros. These have been shown to be extremely useful for taking long, laborious tasks that need to be done on a regular basis and simplifying them down to a few clicks of a mouse—saving you both time and money.

  • Custom Software

    Some of our software projects include:

  • Excel VB Macro for parsing data about A-10 wiring
  • Excel VB Macro for tracking time worked
  • Word VB Macro for pulling requirements from a word doc
  • Word VB Macro capturing acronyms
  • Python script for parsing .txt files
  • VHDL testbench verification
  • C embedded software
  • JOVIAL embedded software