Systems Engineering
We have designed and have contributed to many systems and systems of systems.  This experience dictates that we are extremely thorough with our system design.  Design the system right and you have less rework later resulting with a completed project on time or early.
Electrical Engineering
Our core strength, we excell at electrical design in all aspects; board design, part selection, power, filters, wiring, and cables. we can get your project working.
Software Engineering
Our other core strength, we love to code.  We can support all phases of the design flow from requirements to code.  We can develop firmware, tailor operating systems, custom applications, and tools.  
Project Management
We have managed many projects.  Every type of project can benefit from solid project management.  Our approach is to apply the PMBOK method.
Every project needs to be proven.  We have developed many prototypes and understand the importantance of getting it right.
Test Engineering
Testing is begun in design.  We have tested lots of projects and understand the need to be scrutinizing to ensure requirements are met.
To ensure requirements and proper function an independent analysis can go a long way.  We can validate proper function of any hadware and software system.
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Our mechanical and manufacturing team is largly focused on enclosures and cabling. We can design structural component too.  We also have years of manufacturing experience.
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1036 North 2575 West
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