BOC for Message Processor
A break out card (BOC) was needed to access the internal signals of the the Message Processor drawer.  Our engineers applied our electrical engineering and systems engineering skills to develop this BOC.  It was developed to support the Nuclear Cross Check Analysis (NSCCA) of the message processor drawer.  T2 Engineering saved the government time and money by producing the quality design quickly.
ITIPS Engineering
During test flights of the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile telemetry is used to provide real time status.  This status provides the ground crew with crucial data of how the missile is behaving.  The goverment replaced the old system with a new ICBM Telemetry Integrated Processing System (ITIPS).  T2 Engineering was involved with the system testing.  
The A-10 Warthog On Aircraft Test System (OATS) was desinged to test weapon functionality and other aircraft systems when software is upgraded.  It can be used with any A-10.  Currently it is used with a wingless A-10 at Hill Air Force Base.  T2 Engineering was involved with Break out Box design, System design, System deployment support, 30MM cannon simulator, and custom tools to varify wiring in the A-10.  The support that T2 Engineering provided allowed the OATS to be completed on time and within budget.
C-130 Embedded System
T2 Engineering has been involved with the upgrade to the Ground terrian radar replacement, the Mission Control Computer upgrade, and the systems documentation.  Our role for this project was in an oversight capacity where we provided strong review of  code and functionality for the government customer.  The T2 Enginering experience with embedded systems programming running on a VxWorks operating system were heavily utilized.
F-16 Embedded System
We were involved in the replacement of the Electronic Fire Control Computer (EFCC) with the Commercial Fire Control Computer (CFCC).  It was developed by BAE Systems and our engineers were responsible for migrating the Software Capability Upgrade (SCU) 7 to the new hardware.  Additional software was developed to control the weapon launching function and traffic utilization.
Custom Software Tools
We love to write custom software to fit any of our customer needs.  Our software expirence ranges from Hardware Descriptive Languages (HDL) to run-time compiled software such as JAVA.  Our expertise with software can be used to create tools to fit your needs.  VB macros are extremely useful for long laborious tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. Some of our projects include:

Excel VB Macro for parsing data about A-10 wiring.
Excel VB macro for tracking time worked.
Word VB Macro for puling requirements form a word doc.
Python Script for parsing txt files.
VHDL testbench varification.
C embedded software.
JOVIAL embedded software.

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